I still can't get over him.

I still cannot get over my ex no matter what I do. It has been almost a year and I am in another relationship with a guy I really care about but... I just can't stop feeling hurt and bad emotions whenever I see him or his name or his girlfriend's name or even anything that reminds me of him... I want to hate him. He broke my heart, he screwed me over, he lied, he cheated, he left... But for some reason I can't let go. Why can't I move on?!

Sep 5, 2013

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  • A friend gave some really good advice about getting over a relationship. You have to go through a grieving process. To find closure to this chapter of your life, you go through the motions of grieving like anything else you lose in life, you mourn the death of the relationship. This isn't some over night process. It could take up to a year or two years to get over this. But you have to start somewhere. You invested your time and feelings and made plans for your future with this person. It's always harder to be the dumpee then the dumper. But you have to start somewhere. Stay busy, go out with friends, take a class etc.Even write a letter to your ex as a therapeutic exercise. Something that you wouldn't send to him, but to just get out what you feel was left unsaid. Even look at it from a different point of view..that this break up could be a positive. Clearly it was broken and not all relationships are meant to last. They are to teach you about people and about yourself. Someone else is out there who is better suited for you. It's also important not to hook up right after a relationship..because you really aren't ready to be fully present. It's not fair to anyone. Reconnect with yourself, find what you're missing within you before you add someone else to the mix.

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