Whenever people refer to members of the military as heroes I roll my eyes. Maybe once upon a time this idea held some truth to it, but nowadays it means nothing at all. The military is just a job. It's not inherently "heroic". The idea is that American soldiers "defend our freedom" yeah right... like Iraq is an actual threat to us. I doubt any country in the world could actually take us down at this point, we're positively bristling with disgusting amounts of weaponry and just itching to fire them at anyone possible. Besides... what freedom? You're only free in this country if you have lots and lots of money, and you're straight, male and christian. The only reason we worship the idea of joining the military is because it's been bred into us over the generations, in order to help feed the legion with new recruits because they were raised to believe that being a soldier is the best, most honorable job possible and that they'll be "heroes". My idea of a hero is not someone who kills people because the government told them they needed killing. That person is a hired hitman, not a hero. Same goes to a lesser extent with police and etc. Individual ones have done great things, sure. But there are so many corrupt f***** up cops etc., it's wrong to just say that the position itself makes you ~a hero~. The only people that I can respect in that way are EMTs. They actually, seriously save lives all of the time. It's pretty much all they do. You can guarantee that your average EMT has saved at least one person's life. Not so for a cop or firefighter or especially not a soldier. I don't disrespect soldiers. But I don't give them special honors. It's just their job. I respect them exactly at the level of any other person just doing their job, and no more.

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  • Firefighters also save lives you dumb s***!

  • You're absolutely right: some of the individuals HAVE done heroic things, but no one is or becomes a "hero", properly so called, by merely putting on a uniform. I'm with you.

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