I am mixed and 16 and I'm finding that

I am mixed and 16 and I'm finding that the only guys that will like me or go out with me are black is this gonna change when I get older

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  • In my opinion it comes down to two things. Age and location. People generally become more accepting with age. And some area's are more focussed on race than others. I am a white man and I am married to a Mexican woman. We have been together for 17 years now. We have a 13 year old son. So we live in that world. You will find the right man if you are patient and don't settle for less than you deserve. And what race he belongs to is less important than the type of man he is.

  • white boys love mixed girls. . .gotta find one who wanna be black.

  • » ^ He has to say "F** Alert" so we know who's posting - which is of course a very gay thing to do. Stupid troll.

    ^^ I love you too lol !!

    F** alert !!

  • im last commenter not that im saying confession person is being racist.

  • dont be racist ppls

  • ^ He has to say "F** Alert" so we know who's posting - which is of course a very gay thing to do. Stupid troll.

  • Can't we all just get along ?
    i mean really now ?

    F** alert !! lol

  • Stop complaining. Tell them if you like them or not and move on. Stop thinking so much about race or letting people get to you because of your mixed heritage. F*** them. Be you and date who the f*** you want to.
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

  • racism is more evident and existent in white men

  • barrack obama, alicia keys, tiger woods.....they are all mixed but people still call them BLACK!!...so the truth is that white people will always look at you as being black no matter what..and if you look around, you will find that most mixed marriages are of black men with white women and not the other way round ever wonder why??

  • I am white and my girlfriend is black. My last girlfriend was mixed just like you. It might seem hard to understand, but you can control who you attract, and as a woman, you have the luxury of having men come to you. Trust me, if you have confidence in yourself, you can get almost whoever you want.

  • I'm mixed and I'm married to a white guy. :)

  • What the people commenting above don't understand is that when u are white there are sooo many black guys that go out with white girls and there is no white guys that go out with black girls and to me being 16 all that means is that the white man is unopen to other races I never ever intended to be racist sound I stated the truth in my eyes when I go out the only guys that try to talk to me are BLACK I have no problem with black I just thought that maybe it is a young white guy thing that they don't like to go out with black girls and maybe when I get older it will change

  • commenter no 3 is a f****** b****!!! "we can do better" is that supposed to mean that being white is better than being black??? why do you think that the online white people are the ones interested in you?? its because to most of them want to satisfy a fantasy!! that of f****** a black b****!!

  • this is problem with mixed people, especially women, they think that since they are of fair skin..almost white that they ARE white!!! f****** b******..what you don't realize is that white people still see you as black!!! thats why black people are the one interested in you as they see you as one of their own..thats the way life is..the REAL life

  • to the commenter no 3. idiots like you are the ones who perpetuate the stereotypes that are given to black women/men f****** b****, i hope you become a w****..

  • so you think being mixed entitles you to dating white men? like they are better than black men?? b****!!

  • LOL I think it's funny that people who are half black like the third commenter and the person who posted this confession don't want to date black men but people who are straight up black go around with a chip on their shoulder and hate white people...

  • Same to all the nice comments

  • To the comment above I am the confessor thank I really like what u said I will try

  • Poster - is that a problem for you? I'm mixed as well - believe me, if they think you're beautiful, you can have your pick of men of all races... However, I've never let race be an issue for me, it's about the person, not their colour.

  • No negro dating!!
    Gasp what am i to do?!?!
    Wow this place is hilarious...

  • Yes. Don't date them. Go online, there are plenty of white guys who will date you. I am mixed too, and trust me sweetie, we can do better.

  • Move to the UK.

  • No b**** get use to it..

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