I'm Gonna Knock Her Up

I'm gonna f*** and c** inside of this little high school w**** that hit me up. I can't wait to feel that fertile p****. Soon as she has that one I'm gonna knock her up again. If I'm gonna step dad her ex's kid, she's gonna carry at least one of mine.

Sep 10, 2019

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  • I waited til the summer she was out of HS
    Got a room and gave her what she wanted. You’d be surprised how much they want older men taking control of them vs boy

  • They're so willing to open their legs for an older guy too. Theyll let any 21+ dude shoot a load in their fertile high-school-graduate p**** and act surprised when they swell up big as the Goodyear blimp five months later.

  • Not your kid so start having s** with her too

  • Oh I will as soon as the little girl is old enough.

  • No such thing as too young get in that p ussy

  • How old is she? And how about u? And Aren't u afraid that you get caught or something bad will happen?

  • Always old enough, if the puss isn't ready the ass is, if the ass isn't ready the mouth is

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