SeaWorld and Hookers

I've always wanted to buy a h***** off the street and pay her to just hang out with me. I'm not lonely or nothing, like I have a bunch of friends but when I'm older... I'm gonna make a h*****'s day.
"What do you need me to do?"
"Nothing at all, miss. Do you want to some coffee? Maybe go to SeaWorld?"
LOLZ. It's gonna be a blast. xDD



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  • Somehow I don't think your fantasy will live up to the reality. Do you really think they will be grateful that you don't want to s**** them, but treat them to a day on the town? They'll probably figure you're just another john with some weird kink, or think you are playing some messed up joke on them, but as long as they get paid...

  • That wont work. They would rather be spending their time making more money so you would have to pay them a fortune. I cant remember what movie is like this but i did see one just dont remember the name. I thought of doing a similar thing myself before but it wouldnt work. Its better to just talk with them and find out why they are doing it and help them out from there. Usually its because of drug use or sexual abuse that messed them up or something.

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