Is it ok to be burning myself

I was taught by everyone I know in my life that the key to happiness is love. N**** I've had girls cheat on me and lie to my face saying they love me and s***. Ever since my last break up I've been going insane because I see 2 of the ones I loved and trusted being so happy and I'm over here dying. I burn my arms and I've started cutting openings on myself and I don't know how to feel in situations. I met this new girl and I love more than any of the others I did and she says she'll be there for me. It hurts my head and my heart whenever my mind thinks it might not work out. Anyways, I'm gonna try but if it ends bad I'm just gonna be taking anything I can like narcotics.

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Forget chasing women. Chase excellence in yourself instead. Go your own way brother and the women will come after you when you're about 30 and have made something of your life.

  • Mate just take it easy, youre at the beginning of life - take it easy, these the best times

  • Yes, it's perfectly OK to be burning yourself!!!
    All you little petals want is to be told Yes, no matter what it is you think you want right this moment. If anyone ever says No, that's "abusive" and you have a tantrum like you were still three years old. And ain't nobody got time for that stupidity in the ADULT world.
    So yes, burn until you're crispy and cut until the blood comes out in rhythmic spurts, because you will never be prepared for the real world and the rest of us aren't carrying your entitled dead weight.

  • You sound young. Teenager? If so, all that s*** will pass in time as you mature. Don’t get into the self injury habit as it is hard to break. Find a physical outlet like running or sports to release the frustration.

  • But where's the draaaaaama in that? Where's the edgy "LOOK at me and my traaaagic life"? Remember, that's more important than anything!

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