Sometimes I wonder what it is like to have a man that WANTS to take care of you. Like REALLY WANTS to take care of you out of the goodness of his heart. I wonder what that's like and if I would know what to even do if I met someone like that. Someone who doesn't look at me like the enemy. Who much prefers my wellness over making sure I am walking on eggshells. I don't necessarily want or need another man in my life. But I wonder what it's like to have one of those men that would rather SHARE with you than do his best to see how much he can take away so he feels better and more powerful. Someone who worries less about how he feels and making himself feel better and wants to see you succeed for the happiness of yourself. Who is interested in you and takes joy in seeing you become the best that you can be. A "nourisher". Because I have never known one of those and I wonder what it's like. I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself.

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    I have one of those. He's awesome and we have a good life.

    Die mad!

  • You have never met a real man , most of the generation today are not real men and are excuse makers . A real man will love you and take care of you . First their must be respect and deep concern, he must be mature and intelligent . So many are worthless and are not mature , those you need to stay far away from . If you give s** freely as if it were nothing , they will never respect , because you have no standards , you act like a s*** and they treat you like a s*** . Men can be bastards whom are often better off dead , but a few are actually good men , you must find a real man , to love you and he will die for you and give you everything without asking a lot . I desire a queen and she will be treated like a queen , I make excellent money and do not want her to work unless she wants to . A good man is not a controller , a Controller is an idiot , he can not even control himself . Women are quite stupid at understanding what a real man is like , he will kill for you if you need him to defend you . he wants to love you like a goddess and his heart is big , do not fall for boys , and these men are not old either , they are mature

  • Why would someone want to worry less about themselves and more about you? What are you, a princess? Grow up, Miss Daddy Issues. You think you're so perfect and entitled to the most perfect guy, guess what, there is no perfect guy. Everyone is selfish, and so are you. Ever tried nourishing a man into becoming the best that he could be with little regard of yourself? I thought so. You were too busy convincing yourself that they were trying to control you, or turning you in an enemy, or some other BS. Sounds to me like you're always observing all these "facts" in your relationships instead of actually enjoying them, like people who are in love do. If I'm wrong about all of this, which I doubt, then by all means you deserve that kind of man. But if you're not that kind of woman yourself then grow up and don't complain when it doesn't go your way.

  • There's a difference between someone who *cares* for you and someone who wants to *take care* of you. Someone who want to take care of you doesn't really respect you. Someone who cares for you will support you in your efforts to take care of yourself. Someone who wants to take care of you thinks you need to be protected from the world. Someone who cares for you wants to be your ally and stand beside you as you face the world. The question is do you want a partner or someone to take care of you?

  • People can take care of each other. Nothing bad in that.

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