I'm Scared

I'm horrendously insecure.

On the outside I'm an average-looking girl who does well in school, is a touch on the shy side, and has a few select close friends. I don't have much to complain about, my childhood was more or less decent, I've always excelled in school, never was bullied, had a nice enough family, but my brain has always run a million miles a minute and fails to forget any negative comment ever made. EVER. I've internalized all of the BS that most would shove under the rug and it comes back time and again in the form of my secret anxiety and insecurity. I play it off all too well, though. I have a seemingly care free attitude about a lot of stuff, I pretend things don't get to me. Ha.
I've built up this persona of a girl who is bound to be great and do great things; someone who is independent in all scenarios, doesn't ever break, who can always take the pressure. I just wish I had someone to talk to is all. Someone who knew when I needed to talk; but everyone has bought into the illusion. No one knows me well enough to see through it. No one.
If I do anything but succeed I know the jig will be up and all the crap will come flying out of the wood work. I'm too scared to let anyone know that I'm feeling any of this.

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  • You need an older man to giv you lots of c***

  • You aren't alone.I was once,"that girl" until one day,I had enough.I told everyone who hurt and belittled me,to "f*** off and suck a d***" I felt surprisingly,much better afterwards.
    I also have a partner in my life,who knows me better,than anyone else.Try to seek out people,who you relate to and vise versa :)

  • You're not alone in this. I have that problem too. Where you act all tough but really you're scared. The thing I've learned is that people are really understanding. If you explain it to them in a way they can understand they can be that person. Yes, people are sometimes cruel and you can't help that. But just remember: there is always, ALWAYS, someone out there to listen to you. Like you parents. I had to learn this the hard way. Believe me when I say it: find someone to talk to.

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