I find it so hard to ask woman out. I am 33 male and had 2 sexual partners in 14 year, there was a gap of 10 years In between them. I have so many female friends and have a laugh and joke and spend lots of time with then with out any problem. My problem is asking them out and telling them that I like them. I know there is a woman that likes me and we flirt but I just can't make that next step. What can I do?????

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  • Dude don't listen to that guy your not a p****...f****** d***...anyways try telling her you like her ..tell her the truth ..that your bad at asking women out ..have a conversation about you liking her and how terrible you are at taking the next step...that being said dude once you have it out there and your going out with this girl...SHOW HER YOU HAVE SELF CONFIDENCE IN OTHER AREAS BECAUSE IF YOU DONT SHE WILL EVENTUALLY BAIL OUT ON YOU HOMIE ..that's what girls like ..a self assured man

  • Well whats the worst that would actually happen if you asked her out?
    she could turn you down? wow, thats nothing. if a woman does turn you down, just pick up your ego and move on! im not saying hit on every woman you fancy obviously but my point is that you dont get given everything handed to you, people do terrifying things every single day of their lives. now really compare your fear of asking a girl out, and compare it to the daily life of someone with a life much worse than you. so just get on with your life babe! live it up! xx

  • You can stop being a p****! By the time I was your age, I had been with at least 200 women,and I wasn't even trying. Man up!
    If you like the girl, just ask her to have a drink with you.

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