I don't know anyone

I can literally say, I don't have any friends.
I don't know any one anymore. I've hidden for so long for the dumbest reasons that now I am completely alone. I guess that's what I wanted but now I find myself wondering what people are doing.. I don't want to meet a bunch of new people though. I'd really rather just meet one other person with similar interests who also doesn't know anything about social interacting(?).. Truth be told, I'm sort of sheltered and I have been my entire life. But I really want to go out and try things for once. I just don't really know how.

Maybe I need to meet a strong person who can sort of hold my hand as we see things. I guess i'm nervous? Ugh.. I wasn't always so nervous but I've just been staying indoors, reading, studying, or going out only short whiles for necessities. I mean I'll go to the park but i'm still by myself so i'm comfortable out there. Point is, I haven't met, talked, hung out, with anyone for about 5 years now and i'd like to try new things for once. In a good way though.

I've tried being friendly with people but I just really don't like seeing them for that long. It's like people all have this bad vibe around them that I just HAVE to get away from.

When will I meet someone I can put up with and who can put up with me? Maybe i'm too complicated and pushy or unclear. Maybe my thoughts are too out there now. I feel like no one is on the same wavelength and it's so stressful. I just want to find one person on my level. Someone who will understand what I am talking about/experiencing for once. Someone who knows what I know.

I feel like I am waiting for one conscious person while laying in a sea of dead people and it's just not happening.

Why is it so easy for others to meet people and get along while it is so complicated for me? I'm fallowing all of the rules, I don't offend, and my appearance actually attracts. Maybe that's all it is.. I'll always just be the pretty faced lonely girl who everyone just wants to f*** and leave. :I Am I the crazy girl? The crazy girl with a hot body, so that makes me a tap it and leave it. Honestly.. Maybe I AM the one going crazy.

Sep 16, 2013

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  • Are you autistic or agoraphobic?

  • Look up the signs of being an extreme introvert or being an empath.

  • Lets talk on the phone. Im the same way

  • Did I post this? I honestly don't know if this is from me.

  • find and go to events you are interested in. Commit to giving a chance in meeting new people.

  • I'm pretty much the same way. I'm don't feel depressed or anything, just lack the motivation to go out and meet people or deal with drama.

    When you get the bad vibe is it because the person was talking about someone else and never shows any interest outside of playing a weird social clique game? I can't stand being around those types of people and sometimes I'll just walk away from a conversation when I'm talking to someone like that.

    As far as being on the same wavelength though, write down what your interest and what you want to do and try to go to events for them, at least try one and see how it goes. And if you're not comfortable with talking to others about them in person, the internet probably has a chat room or forum you can use.

    I hope things turn around and you start to feel better. Honestly you sound like a wonderful person and I'm glad i stumbled across this.


  • Medically you sound depressed, tell what you wrote to a doctor and im sure he will put you on some SSRI based drug. It may help, I am just starting taking Anti-Depressants, been a week and a bit, but it takes 4 weeks to work

    I am the same way however I have a career and simply work go home and sleep, I want to meet people to but they have weird vibes.

    I just got out of a 5 year relationship a year ago, so i understand the want for one person, i had that and didnt keep up my relations with friends, now its me myself and I lost in this world.


  • A good way to meet people is volunteerism. People are usually at their honest best when volunteering and working with people towards a common goal is a good way to form a bond. Keep your ears open for social events your fellow volunteers talk about and try to attend. You already know how guys can be after only one thing but beware of 'love bombing' by religious groups. Google the term so you know what it is and will recognize it if someone is trying to do it to you.

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