My horrible, first time confession

I'm happily married to a wonderful man. At least, now. I cheated on him once, but I can't see myself doing it again.
However, not only do we have great s** all the time, but he wants a***. It hurts, but we've done it successfully before, and it hasn't been the same since. Here lately, even with all the f****** we do, I still sneak off to m*********... to just about anything...
From gay orgies to giant clips to people f****** their dogs... nothing I'd try or have any interest on doing... but it gets me off. I would pull up a random p*** video, put on my headphones, and rub my clothing while watching a dog furiously f*** a girl, or 5 guys f****** in a chain, and c** so hard I'd soak my panties.
I don't think my husband knows, and I'd hate for him to find out I get h**** watching things like that. It would devastate me. But, I do kinda hope he catches me rubbing one out. I even finger f***** myself in the garage, and came hard just as I heard him pull up. The door was open too. Of course, he didn't see me, but taking the chance of being caught with my hand in my pants turns me on a bit.
As a kid, I use to draw people having s**, make my own pornographic ccomic strips, and hump my favorite stuffed animal while I did. It started when I was 7. My older brother took me too his room, showed me his erect c***, and even had me Jack him off a bit. I guess he wanted to f*** me, but I wasn't into it. We never talked about it after that. But because we shared rooms, I'd find his p*** books and movies, with which I learned to m*********, and even listened to him j******* on the bunk bed above me. I got so h**** hearing him, feeling the bed frame shaking, and seeing his silhouette that I reached down and fingered myself. I don't know if he knew. But I do know he has a massive d***.
I don't know why I'm like this... but if it has anything to do with a p**** in a v*****, or any other sexual act, I just have to watch it and make my p**** drool. Even now I'm h**** as f***. Maybe I'll go watch some lesbian trib


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  • Yes!!!!!


  • Hey baby if you ever wanna cybersex or watch me on cam...KIK me.....syndicate808

  • We are so alike!!!and You made my c*** so hard just by reading your post!... i would love for us to cam and m********* together. it would make me c** so hard. email me so we could set something up.

  • Hey there darling. if it makes you feel better. i too am always h****. infact my c*** got so f****** hard just reading your post. i would love if we could video chat and m********* together... i;m sure we will have fun doing it. email me.

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