Proposal nausea

I've been with my boyfriend for a good few years and we've really talked about moving in together. For my birthday he bought me a beautiful ring and for a second I thought he was proposing. The thought of it made me feel really violently sick, and thinking about the possibility leaves me feeling uncomfortable and ill. I've always worried about marriage since my parents got divorced, so could it just be this or should I be worried about what this means for my relationship?

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  • If you don't feel ready, then don't go through with it. I can't say that enough. If he really loves you, he will understand and support you if you need to wait. And you can move in together without getting engaged/married, you know. My own parents' divorce taught me that I don't ever want to bother with all of the paperwork and legal s*** involved in marriage, so my committed partner and I are perfectly happy living together without signing any contracts. That's always a possibility. :3

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