Life is too short to not ENJOY!

I am a long time middle aged, married woman that has POACHED too many married/committed men to count over 10 years. It has always been SAFE, consensual encounters initiated by the MEN on dating sites; but I am a picky,willing,participant of the men I choose who contact me. No regrets about any of them, and they are realistic that there is NO exclusivity either on either side.

W****/S***....MISTRESS...maybe to you, but I LOVE S** and VARIETY and am in no way interested in stealing any of them for a long term relationship or to ever...MARRY. We all get to have our cake; and eat it too. I like having that never ending first date where I get to see the best of them every time and be pampered too.

Ladies need to take note that women like me are out there...looking for neglected men that are sick of overweight, child burdened women that avoid s** and intimacy.These are NOT the women they married and are LOOKING for an escape/getaway/FUN with someone they l*** for and want to be with....aka...ME, or someone like me.

Sep 24, 2013

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  • I had a woman like you, we were both married to other people and would hook up weekly for mind blowing s** then return to our mundane lives. She wouls let me do things to her that she would let her husband do to her.

  • I admire you for doing what you are doing, I think some women like you need a strange c*** inside them getting f***** by different men, I hope these other men know you are married it will be more exciting for them and you, keep on getting those strange c**** inside you f****** you, I hope they shoot loads of their c** inside you.

  • You must think you're God's gift to men (in fact you are not). They may tell you these awful things about their wives because they want to make you feel "special" in order to get in your pants. In reality, to them, you're just a tramp and they have no respect for you. Many men who cheat on their wives say that their mistress usually isn't better looking than their wife and usually has lower morals.

    A lot of times these women avoid having s** with their husbands because they see the losers that they really are (good men don't cheat on their wives) but yet it's easier to just stay married. These men do not care about you, and just remember what goes around comes around.

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