Getting things off my chest

Im a guy and im gay. i fell for one of my firends. at first i didnt notice my feelings. but for the past two years it got worse till everything i thought i connnected to him. his a good guy ands finally (after a long time) he found a girl he likes. i fantized about a romantic moments with him. ones that will never happen. so finally i decided to try and move on. because even in a imaginary world i felt that there would be nothing but an awkward situation after one good moment and i did not want to ruin a friendship for something nonexistint. so i deleted him off everything. sadly while losing feelings for him a; i started feeling something for another guy. the sad part: its sort of the same situation. over this piriod of time. i met a girl who likes me (finally a diffrent situation, i know) i like her to, but i feel that my eomtions towards the first two are much stronger.i did ask her out and she did say yess. but i cant help but hate myself because as much as i like her i feel like im using her. so finally today i saw guy number one (in an impossible situatuin to avoid). even though its been long the moment stired up fading feelings. so now i'm here want to get everything off my chest. to feel some peace. if you've read all this thank you. and if you have any comments please type away.

Oct 1, 2013

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  • Seems to me you need to stop falling for guys who can't return your feelings.

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