I want my mother in law

I started dating my wife in high school we had a baby at a young age and I moved in to my mother in laws home she's a heavier woman but I've always wanted to be with her she was so used to being in the house with just her children that when i first came she would walk to her bathroom naked all the time I would look threw the crack of my door when my wife was asleep other times she would fall asleep on the couch and I would say I'm going to play video games but is really sit next to here and rub her p**** while she slept and even got my hands down her pants a couple times I would j*** off in front of her hoping she'd wake up and be h**** one time she opened her eyes and looked right at me I swear but I think she tried to play it off and went right back to sleep id c** in her panties her tooth brush one time I even got c** on the tip of my d*** and rubbed it on her lips while she slept I planned it perfect for her to run into me over morning while she was naked lol I could just closed my ways and went into my room but I started all the way down the stairs now that we've moved out I don't get to see her enough I still wanna f*** her brains out but I don't think she would ever go for it but if she ever let me I'd do anything she wanted to my MIL JM from K

Jan 16, 2017

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  • My mother inlaw knows i want her bad and she even makes funofme forthat when in private because shes not ever going to give it to mejust tempt and tease me and never give it up

  • I would dearly love to s*** it up with my wife's mum, the sexy trollop. But I know it will never happen. Not because I don't want her, but because she won't go. B***** shame.

  • Word is that my mother-in-law was a bit trampy when she was younger. And she's certainly sexually appealing even still now. I've fantasized about her on SEVERAL occasions, even a few times when I was doing my wife (her daughter). I know nothing will ever happen between us (she doesn't even respond when I flirt with her), but it's still a very hot thought.

  • If my mother in law would give it up I would totally get on that and stay there. But she won't give me a roll.

  • Look at all the other people on here talking about f****** their mother in law or son in law this guy isn't the only one out there

  • Have you ever heard of punctuation?

  • Wow this is a wild story

  • Youaresuchasickfuck

  • You must be wife not givin it up and your husbands probably digging your mom out hahaha

  • You do realize that most of the stores on this site are Bullshit, right?

  • That doesn't mean that the guy ISN'T a sick f***........

  • How do you know it's a guy?? Point is sometimes people write s*** like this to get a rise out of people like you. And guess what? It works. Is the story sick? Sure, but why read this site if people like this dushbag bother you.

  • "dushbag"? lol.....

  • Oops.... douchebag lol

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