With another man

I want to watch my wife f*** another man. I love the idea of her kneeling over me on all fours while he takes her hard from behind. We even act this out sometimes by using one of her mounted d***** (didlo mounted on a ridged pillow.) She f**** "him" while kneeling over me. I love how her t*** brush against my c*** as she is f****** him. The best is when she is f****** him and sucking me, then starts to c**...keeping me in her mouth the whole time.



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  • I love mmf with my wife. I get off watching her with another man while I mastrubate lying naked in bed next to her. I think it is best to have have sloppy seconds after licking c** off of her p****.

  • My friend and his wife ask me to have s** with her. The first time was her and I alone, he came in when we had finished. The next time he came back earlier and watched me give her a good one. then the tears start. she cried in pleasure and he ask me to stop. She got upset and wanted more. She ask me to visit when he was not home, was his idea. he would not see her cry like that and she could not be bothered. She lied and just wanted s** and no interruptions. Later she ask for a divorce for sexual issues. She invited me to move in and take her over. I declined the offer. Once it was all finished I did come back a few more times. Purely for my pleasure, but declined the offer for a relationship. He hates me thinking I did this to them.

  • Thats a hot woman,I wanna f*** her if she is into black guys.Where at?

  • If I were to say yes, how would you take her?

  • In whatever way she likes or wants..its all about her:)

  • My long time boyfriend asked me if I would be willing to have s** with his friend. I had always had sexual thoughts about his friend so it was easy to tell him yes. The next day he invited his friend, stripped me naked and told his friend he could have me. I still remember my boyfriend pulling on my nipples while his friend sucked my p**** and exploding into the wildest o***** I had ever had. From that point on they did nothing but sexually ravish me for three full hours. I ended sleeping all night between two naked guys, terribly embarrassed about waking up between two naked guys but totally sexually satisfied.

  • I'd love to hear more about it if you'd like to share. She likes to tell me what "he's" doing while she rides the mounted d****. She c*** so much harder.

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