First time

This sounds like fun how about we tell about our first sexual experience.

I was about 12 or thirteen and Pearly was about the same age I guess and we lived way out in the country and the hill behind our place was covered in manzanita brush .
Actually Pearl was the one that brought it up I Their family was over visiting and the adults were drinking and having fun at the time.
I was in the bathroom taking a leak when Pearly came in and I said I am almost through be out in a min. but she just stood there watching me pee then she said yours is bigger than Billy's ( Billy was her younger brother ) I don't remember every thing we said but it led to her telling me that she and Billy had been f****** for several weeks and she wanted to touch my c***.
I had discovered masturbation by now but had never been with a gal yet so instead of talking we spelled out the words and she spelled out that Billy's c*** was smaller than mine and I spelled out do you think mine would fit and she just nodded her head and I spelled out do you want to try and she said OK so we took off up the hill and crawled through the underbrush until we were hidden and she just pulled her skirt up and took off her panties and laid back in the dry leaves and I was hard as a rock as I moved in between her legs and she helped me find her opening and I knew absolutely nothing about having s** as I shoved my c*** into her and she cried because it hurt but I was so excited that I was f****** her like mad it felt sooooooo good and then I was Cuming and she screamed you came in me you came in me and she got away and crawled back through the brush as I tried to get my pants back on all stooped over and when I finally did and got back to the house everyone was out side and Pearly was pointing her finger at me yelling he came in me Mom he came in me.

Well I was the bad guy all of a sudden but later almost every time they came over we did it again.

Dec 16, 2020

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  • My first was my neighbor and best friend Sarah, when I was 11y/o! Clearly she was sexually abused by someone! She was always sexually aggressive, but I never new what she meant and at 10 I still thought girls were yucky, but by 11 it. Began making sense! When she would grab my d*** I didnt jump away, instead I let her play with it, and when she stayed overnight (yes, we were THAT close friends) she climbed into bed with me, and played with my d***, sucked it and climbed on! It was 1979 and I had definitely not had s** education, and naturally didnt know not to pull out, but I don’t think your first ever o***** was supposed to be inside an 11 yo girl! We had s3x three or four times a day nearly every day for just over a year, although when here mom caught us kissing we were never allowed alone without some supervision... shame! Well shortly after that, I emigrated to America with my parents and never saw her again! Even in crazy 1980’s Miami, I didnt have s** again for FOUR years, but g****** I tried

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