Me and my sister sleep in the same bedroom she was 15 and i was 8 she got in bed with me thin remove my panties she kissed me on the mouth next thing i know thar was a sharp pane between my legs i looked down to see a hare brush handle ln my i could see blood on it every time she slipped it down after a few minutes the pane was goon and it feels great thin i came and she licked me clean the next day she got in bed with me she showed me a p**** on her phone of a older guy f****** a younger girl Willie we witched she plued out a big dude ended dilldo she put one end deep inside her thin got on top of me putting the other end in me she f***** me thru 3 videos after about 2 hower she stopped we have had s** every night sens thin



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  • The best part of an underage girl is her smooth soft p**** with hidden lips within the slit. You just have to uncover it with your mouth .... and kiss, lick and suck on till she bucks her bum for more ....

  • Also learn some English from her. If you cannot learn the language from her, look for an older man to teach you everything including language of s**.

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