Reason I'm never having children #342952456: The sound of babies crying makes me feel legitimately homicidal after just a few minutes of hearing it. It makes my blood boil very quickly. I would not respond well to hearing it a million times a day. I'd probably end up in the news. I am not a violent person at all but the screams of babies turns me into someone dangerous.

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  • Ignore the ret@rd below who's probably got 5 feral brats and currently has their hand out, demanding that total strangers pay for upscale Christmas presents for the stupid little things.

    The childfree movement is *finally* picking up steam. The next-lower level of intelligent people are starting to realize that this is a crapsack world that is not going to get any better, especially if people just keep joyfully squirting out kid after kid and then not PARENT what emerges from their loins.

    Thank you for being one of the smart ones. When STHF and Idiocracy becomes even more of a documentary than it already is, people like us won't have a dog in that fight.

  • Good stay out of the gene pool crazy b****.

  • Yeah, YOU sound emotionally stable enough to breed...

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