I'm transgender - ftm - and finally starting to come to terms with all that it entails. I want to be a little more 'out' at work and in my life in general. I've been kind of on the down low about stuff but not exactly hiding it from most people either. My partner and a few of my friends know and support me, I have not had a bad reaction so far. I pick good friends <3

My issue is the idea of coming out at work. I work fast food in the South. Kind of a s***** job but it's what I'm holding onto for the time being until my life moves into a better place. Most people working there don't even know what transgender is. I told one of the gay guys working there that I was pansexual when he asked me, and he didn't know what that was. So trying to explain that, yes, I do have large b**** and, no, they're not going away just yet but, yes, I should still be treated as male.... could be complicated at best.

I just don't know if starting to transition publicly would be worth trying to field all those awkward personal questions from coworkers, and possibly inappropriate s*** that I of course would have to prosecute if push came to shove. It just seems like I'd be introducing a whole lot of drama into my life just to be a little more comfortable in my own skin... I don't know which is more important, being treated as male or having less drama and stress in my life. Both are incredibly important to me, I have an anxious nature and my job can get overwhelming very quickly if I don't keep things as chill as possible.

One other thing that bothers me about this future... I really want hormones but I'm scared to absolute death of hypodermic needles!!! How can I get over this?

Oct 5, 2013

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  • How's the job market where you are? Fast food seems like a very 'replaceable' job. That is, you could quit your job and get another one where you present yourself as male from day one. You could even start going to interviews, dressed as a male, while staying at your current job. Think of this as an opportunity to find a better job while living more fully as yourself.

  • That's good advice and I've thought of doing it. Getting a job around here is a lot harder than it sounds, though. Especially if your only experience is customer service. I'd LOVE a chance for a data entry/office type job, it sounds perfect for me.

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