My life.

My step mom Shelly told me that as a christian that being a lesbian is wrong. I'm 17 and the church means everything to me. I'm in the choir, youth group and do regular bible studies. But Shelly believes that me being a lesbian is harmful and sinful. Her daughter Amy agrees with her. In fact the rest of the family including her husband, David believes that they should take me to church and have several male members correct me. Such as corrective rape. Shelly has come to my room lots of times trying to convince me to willingly go with her to the church. She said that she would also consider drugging me. Like putting sleep medicine in my juice to put me to sleep. She told me if I don't let them help me or if I run away I'd be making it worse on myself. She told me that hypnosis is also a last resort opportunity too. I'm scared because I don't want to be raped because of who I am. I was surprised that I could even use their computer to write this. :(

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  • I'm Jewish, so being a lesbian is normal for me. If you've ever had yout tube filled by a male Jew you would know what I mean. They're pathetic.

  • I find it difficult almost impossible to believe this story. Foremost, Christianity and Christ is all about love, he taught that anyone who hates his brother or sister is a murderer and no murderer has eternal life in his kingdom (1 Jn. 3:15). In as much as every sexually immoral person (anyone that has s** with someone other than his wife) will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9), Christians do not have the right to judge anyone "outside the church" (i.e. one that has not yet come to Christ): 1 Cor.5:13. Rape is not only iniquity; it is wickedness!

  • First of all, don't ever believe in anything that goes against who you are. And you need to get away from these people. Call a help hotline or the police. You are going to be harmed and hurt if you don't get help! People like your Aunt and cousin put a bad image on religion in general. Not all religions believe homosexuality is a sin, like Sikhism. Practice something that doesn't condone you for who you are. I know a lot of people have been coming out that are Christian and Mormons, etc, and they support each other, but seriously I just don't understand why you would still believe in something that says you are an abomination, or that you are sinning and need Jesus in your life.

  • I don't know what kind of church you go to but my goodness this sounds like a horror movie !
    Your 17 get out of the house your family is willing to have you raped !!
    I'm sorry but WTF !

  • This is why religion if f****** stupid.

  • DONT stereotype ever Religion based as Christianity. Not every religion is homophobic and hates homosexuals. Do your research first.

  • How odd. I have difficulty believing it. I have been a Christian for most of my adult life and I have never heard of such a thing.

    Jesus preached a message of love, tolerance and acceptance first and that it was up to individuals to repent. So no where is there a model that says the church or its members should force something on someone against their will. The rape idea seems very odd to me. It certainly is illegal here and I suspect everywhere.

    As for you and your sexuality and feelings well that is an issue for you to sort out. Go find people to talk with who will talk with you non judgementally.

    I know in my church we have people who have a hard time with the idea of homosexuality and there are others who have actually been in the gay pride parades and it I believe is a testament to all sides that they continue to worship and pray and talk together.

    I hope you are able to find somewhere to fit it and hopefully feel Gods love as you find what is right for you. All the best.

  • Please get away from this situation. Your sexual orientation is NOT wrong. Anyone who would advocate forced sexual activity to "correct" your orientation is crazy and dangerous. Find a church more accepting of you. The Unitarian Universalists work with us (I am in a leadership position of our local atheist group) with our local gay pride marches. No one deserves to be raped for any reason. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.

  • It is tough when you are a better person than those around you, but that is very likely your situation. Do some research and find the gay groups in your church. I am a Mormon and had similar experiences, but I found support in groups of my own religion. The day will probably come when those who acted out of ignorance will realize the error of their ways and ask you for forgiveness. In the meantime you have to protect yourself while THEY grow up.

  • You must get away. Tell the police do something! You need to get away from the mindlessness that is organized religion.

  • It never ceases to amaze me that abuse like this (and much worse), continues to be tolerated in the name of religion. I'm sorry sweetheart. Sorry that you have been lied to your entire life, and that you have been brain-washed and emotionally damaged by your religious indoctrination. Freedom from religion is the greatest freedom I have ever experienced! I now view life with much more clarity, and recognize the insanity of situations like this. If humankind is ever to reach it's full potential, we really must get past all of this bullshit!

  • You need help. She is only trying to help you. As I former harlot I understand how scary it seems but receiving reparative therapy isn't as bad as people make it out to be. If I were your mom and you fought my help I would do the same thing and offer you something to calm down i.e. sedatives. Just let the therapy happen. It's for your own good.


  • WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU? NOTHING is okay with what they are threatening to do to her.... smh.

  • U think she should be raped by church member !

    Your a sick pervert !

  • So sad for you, my suggestion, document everything that is said to you , that are threatened to do you harm time dates ,who said what , never tell anyone about it let them say what they want . Even if your parents are the ones that might threatening you.right it or recorded if you can .You must protect yourself it's kinda hard when everyone thinks you have a problem,but that's not true. You are who you are.What is sad is how religion has brainwashed alot of people,once you turn 18 or if can get away from those who supposedly love you because thier views are going to hurt you.there is nothing wrong with being gay,lesbian or whatever you choose God loves you

  • She is Romans chapters 1 -2.

  • There's nothing scriptural or religious about what she's proposing. It's just disgusting. And it's criminal. If they try to force it on you, run to the police or child protection. What they are doing is just so wrong.

  • Your parents are delusional, and if you ever experience sexual assault/rape report it to the police immediately.

  • I dont know if this story its true but ts really weird
    I am christian and i have been since birth and i have never heard of this , this rape thing drug hypnosis sounds diabolical. I dont understand you though. Don't you know how to read ?? The bible does not mention none of what you say as means to stop your sinning.It is your choice. You have to pray and ask Jesus to come into your life only with the Holy Spirit in you can you resist sin not on your own. Being gay is a sin its in old testament and the new one. I dont understand why you typed this as if you never opened a bible in your life. if this story is true i suggest you report it to the police immediately... i am serious.

  • The Bible is a work of fiction you delusional freak.

  • Wonderful woman Shelly. The threats to rape you are not a good thing at all. I do have to say that it is not unheard of and I do hope you manage to avoid it. Living any sort of life with this hanging over your head is a terrible way to have to go. Might I ask how it is that your orientation was found out?

  • More hypocrisy. Isn't divorce against religion and tattoos and .... etc. etc. etc. Glad I am an atheist.

  • Threats have been made to drug and rape you, this is a felony. If you report it to the police they will preform an investigation. If you are drugged they can test for traces to confirm it. Rape also leaves telltale signs a trained expert can spot. If your parents do this they're not likely to get away with it, nor is anyone who helps them.

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