I wish I had a shoulder to cry on

I wish I had someone who could hold me and hug me and let me cry on their shoulder. I want someone to comfort me. I want someone to give me love and nurturing. I want someone to help me get out all the buried emotions inside that I've hidden away for years. I need to cry and cry and cry and have someone hold me, rub my head and tell me everything will be ok. I need someone I can be vulnerable to. The sad part is I'm a guy.

Oct 6, 2013

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  • I've seen many men cry. (Not once was I the cause, so get over it ;) ) My husband knows he's safe to do so around me, and does on occasion. He's held me tenderly while I cried, and vice versa. F*** what society thinks it knows and go find a decent woman. (Hint: She probably won't look like a Victoria's Secret model. That's another example of society being stupid. Find another HUMAN, who isn't wrapped up in herself!)

  • I personally am the person that all of my friends talk to for advice and comfort. If you want talk to me on my kik. meleckariath I will help you through what ever is troubling you.

  • I need u so bad

  • Nothing wrong with needing comfort and someone to cry to. I hope you find someone to help you with that, because no matter how supposedly macho, everyone needs that. <3

  • You being male should not have any bearing at all on whether or not you can express what you feel. A lot of society's guidelines for how a person should act in respect to their gender are total bull, because you are you and you have always been you, and whether or not it's acceptable for you, as a man, to feel this way cannot be dictated by society. So. With that said, it is not sad and what you feel is not wrong. I understand you completely, too.

  • See, THIS makes sense. But humans just have to go too far and throw gender out the window completely and create new "rules" that everyone suddenly has to both adhere to and worship.

    I'm all for men being vulnerable, but deciding this means that there are now 843 1/2 genders is going too far.

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