F****** sister

My sisters age is 33 she is married and had 2 child but I love her structure and figure eagerly and from morning to evening there will be no one in my sisters house she will be alone and looking hot. Now I want to suck her b**** and want to do s** with her. But I am getting afraid that how to seduce her or approach her so please give me good suggestions

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  • Keep stopping by when she's alone, make conversation, get your hands on her (and her used to it). Make it a regular thing that she looks forward to. "Us time" instead of her being home alone. Treat her like a girlfriend, and she'll act like one. Bring her things, flowers, coffee, whatever...Show that you're thinking about her, yes.."in that way". Hug her hello and goodbye, and add in a quick-lip kiss after a few times. Get her used to that, too, the physicality with you. Put the work in, and she's yours.

  • Good advice.

  • Thanks..I did it with my hot older sister. Spent as much time with and around her as possible, helped her run errands and events for her dance team, did her long, polished nails with and for her (pampering is such a turn-on to them), lit her cigs, and every embrace ended with a quick, then not so quick, lip kiss and holding her body in for longer each time. It all worked well, and we've been having s** for years.

  • You,re welcome... I had a similar experience with my younger sister. I didn't run errands but I spent loads of time with her. I became very affectionate with her over a period of time, until eventually it became sexual. I think people forget to put in the time and effort. Some brothers get perverse and we all know that never works.

  • There are two ways: a. talk to her about your fantasy to come true, and b. invite her to a diner, make her drunk and take her to bed. The extreme might be: get her to sleep mixing sleeping pills in her drink and f*** her. Make a choice thinking of consequences.

  • I would go with choices A and B. The last choice is basically rape, so not good and it's better when your sister is awake and wants to have s** with you.

  • Start taking her to restaurants and for drinks. Maybe take her on vacation? Start being more affectionate for example more hand holding, hugs and kissing( preferably on the lips). It's not going to happen over night but it is possible.

  • Be a burglar and f** her in her ass

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