My teacher is absolutely gorgeous

The title says it all. In my opinion, my teacher, who's in his 20's, is gorgeous. I can't help ogling him in class, either. His eyes are so perfectly green. XD I've got it bad for him.



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  • My best friend stayed after for tutoring, and I stayed with her, and I got really bored while waiting, so I put little dots on every part of what he had written on the board that had curving lines so that they looked like Smiley faces. After I did that, I went and sat in his office where they were at, and he looked up at me after a few minutes. I told him that his office was messy, and he replied that he needed a secretary. He seemed so shy, which he never does in class, especially after I told him what I did to his board. He smiled at me and didn't complain, which I thought he would do. He just seemed incredibly sweet about everything. Plus, I've never actually seen him act shy in front of me, so it threw me for a loop.

  • Oh, for the love of God. Stop with the charades already. You come on here and try to sound noble and express the intent to honor his position and his job, and you chastise everybody who encourages you to date him, and yet you continue to do these pitiful little seduction dances all around the guy, tempting him to climb into your web while feigning indifference. In another era, they had a different name for that: "c*** tease". Spread your legs for him and give up the ass and get it over with. Or don't. Whatever. Just stop doing - and posting - this childish s***.

  • I commend you for waiting and not risking his job. That shows that you really care about his well-being and how much you really feel for him.

  • your wasting a lot of time and some other girl is getting him

  • Today, he asked to borrow a pencil from someone, and since no one else would do it, I handed him mine. He gave it back, but then needed one again to write down who didn't have a pencil or folder out, so I gave him my other pencil from my instrument case. He forgot about it, so I asked him if I could have it back at the end of class, and he said "Thank you, dear." and gave it back.

  • sounds kinda patronizing. was he really being nice or just being polite.

  • He smiled at me and said it sweetly..

  • I don't think he would have added dear to that if he was just being polite to her.

  • This is splitting hairs, I admit, but it depends. The word "dear" can be used in a belittling way intending to diminish the person; not as a general equivalent for "darling" or "baby".

  • By the tone of his voice, it sounded the same as what you would use for "darling".

  • He's 20 and uses the term "dear"? Of course, baby or something else in a classroom would be totally inappropriate. Not that having a relationship with your teacher would be anyway...

  • I'm assuming that you find it highly impossible for a man in his twenties to be calling his student "dear" without meaning it in some meaningful way, correct? Because that's how I'm perceiving it. I don't think that he'd be saying that to her at his age without it having feelings involved.

  • ^^ Agreed. ^^

  • You shave your p**** and wear a short skirt and sit in the front row a flash him. If you catch him looking then you know he wants it so you should f*** him

  • O_o I'm not a w****.

  • Im not saying you are a w****. Im just saying show him the goods and then you will know if you are wasting your time or not. If he dosnt like a shaved 17 year old p**** there is something wrong with him anyway

  • Definitely. You gotta flash him FREQUENTLY. Let him see enough of the candy so that all he can think of is candy.

  • If I do anything, it'll be after this school year, as I'm a senior. I don't want to get in trouble for going after my teacher, and I don't want HIM getting fired for anything, either. However, I wil continue posting updates.

  • a big part of the thrill is that the relationship is taboo. if you wait til you gradtuate you wont have that part of it anymore.

  • I don't like him because he's my teacher. I fell for him because he's kind, caring, funny, and down to earth.

  • Oh, stop. A part of the reason you want him is because it's wrong for you to have him.

  • Yeah, it just makes so much sense how she's waiting to make a move that she wants him because he's a teacher. Shut the f*** up and use your brain. Not everyone wants in someone else's pants if they like them. To me, it sounds like she wants to have a relationship, not a hookup.

  • ^ incredibly naïve ^

  • I DON'T want to date him because he is my teacher. I like him for his personality. I DON'T want to have s** with him. I'm not interested in having s** until I'm married. Don't call people naive if you don't know what's going through my head.

  • blah blah blah blah blah. if he wasnt off-limits you wouldnt care. and by the way . . . the "naïve" comment wasn't even about you: it was about the other commenter.

  • I'm aware of who it was for. I don't "want" him because he's off-limits. I'd love to date him because he is a really wonderful person. I only want to do so AFTER I graduate, not before.

  • By then he'll be dating a girl who is two classes behind you, and she'll have him all wrapped up. Too bad. So sad. You lose.

  • That's the stupid assumption that he's going to be a creep and hit on every girl there. If he's really interested in her, he won't stray away from her.

  • You're not the only one who wants this man. Some other girl in your school -- maybe in your class, but probably younger -- is going to get him and they are going to have incredible s**. You're giving up a real chance with this guy, because he clearly wants you, but that other girl is going to get him.

  • Some other girl is going to get this man, and then you're going to be heartsick.......if you don't go to work on him. Like TODAY!!!!!

  • agreed. you need to quit procrastinating and GO!!!!!

  • *-* I so helped my best friend cheat on the test we took today, and I wasn't really that subtle in telling her that she counted incorrectly on the notes, and he never said a word. He also signed someone else's paper to go to the restroom, and jokingly said, while looking at me, that he wrote really well. (Not exactly what he said, but you get the picture) >_< I'm not imagining the flirtation, am I? Because he does a lot of s*** that makes me think so, especially since he acts differently with everyone else. (Oh, and by the by, he's not married, so I'm not one of those women)

  • :/ I only helped because she doesn't really comprehend how to count notes properly. I don't make a habit of helping people cheat.

  • WTF????!?

  • Ask him to take you out for Halloween next week. It's the perfect opportunity, since both of you can wear costumes and nobody from school will know it's you and him! Don't waste anymore time!!!


  • I dated one of my teachers when I was in school too and I loved every minute of it. we stayed dating for about 2 yrs but then his wife got real sick and so we had to break up bcuz he had to spend too much time with her. I really hope you get with your guy.

  • What grade are you in?

  • wow i think this guy is totally after u. wtf ru waiting for????????

  • Absolutely right. He wants you right ****ing now!!!!!!


  • XD I love how everyone is telling me to ask him out. I guess since I actually tried making another confession (which was how he treats me) and it hasn't been approved yet, I'll just say so now.

    I never get in trouble for talking in class. When I had my phone out last year, downloading a metronome app, he took my phone, but gave it back literally less than 5 minutes later, and didn't even care about what i had been doing. He laughs at every corny joke I make. I asked to go to the restroom yesterday and gave him the note to sign so that I could go, and I told him it was really sloppy, so he started reading it really slowly before he signed it. He came into my 4th period class, which is art, to give something to my teacher, and I said that the class sucked. He stuck his head back in the door to ask me if I was any good (at drawing). He talks to me almost every time he overhears my conversations in class, too.

  • OMG! He's sending you sooooooo many signals that he totally wants to get with you!!! Please don't let some other girl get there first!! You gotta ask him out!!!!!!

  • *My handwriting was really sloppy since I wrote it swiftly.

  • You should at least go out on a date with him and see if the two of you are compatible. Don't be afraid to ask him out! Go for it!

  • ^ ditto ^. You need to find out if you guys fit together. I think you will, but you have to find out for sure.

  • you need to be more forcefull. what are you gonna do if another girl in your class or your school asks him out first and he says yes when you know you could of had him all to yourself?

  • What's so embarrassing about being head over heels over your teacher? well anyway your cool nothing wrong with how you feel, we're all human and are naturally affectionate creatures I went through the same thing with a couple of my teachers when I was young, so don't worry about it you'll either grow out of it and find yourself a boy your age or the two of you could become closer and maybe start a little secret relationship, it's something that's a little more acceptable today then it was in my days. either way hope it all works out for you.

  • Good god, people.I only said that I was crushing on him. I don't plan on s******* his life up or aything. I just had to get it off my chest.

  • stop crushing and start f******

  • It is ok to have a crush, but leave it at that. At the least you would get terribly embarrassed, at the worst, you could ruin someone's life. Crush from a distance!

  • I think you should go for him.

  • Green eyes are always a killer~

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