A New Year..... Same Old Problems

I think, like earlier this year I posted a recent story about how the girl I (I'm a guy by the way) fell madly in love didn't even care about how I felt about her. And who also kept going out with the typical school player who I think had more girls than he should, because all he would do is pretend to love them and in return he would cheat on them and move on to the next while also making sure he goes to bed with them.

I honestly tried everything to forget about her.... but for some strange reason I still can't help to think about her time to time or when she walks into a room my eyes would always try to take a peek at her. Even though I had a summer to forget about her I think I needed more time because being in the same building with her my head would always remind me that she not so far away. Another thing is that during the summer a small part of me wanted/needed to see her. While most of me knew what was best for me... I guess I can't forget about the past while I'm still going to high school with her... Hopefully I can find someone that will love me back like the same love that I felt for her. But who knows when will that happen because all the girls in my school act to good for me and/or the girls that I try to get with already have boyfriends and its like every girl that I talk to... So yeah I don't if I should keep trying at school and find somebody (which the relationship might not even last due to the fact if we have to go separate ways after high school) or just wait till I'm in collage. Because right now I feel so lost and it makes me sick that she would go out with someone like that. But hey he'll do what he does to all the girls he gets and that's tossing them aside and looking for the next beautiful women to get into their pants. Sometimes I wonder is it because I'm a nice guy and not a j***.

I could going on about all the things I tried to do for her and all the bad things she done to me but I guess you get the idea. Also not to mention she in two of my classes this year *great*. Anyway if you could so politely help give advice it would help greatly because I feel so lost.

Oct 7, 2013

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