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I'm recently married to a man, and lets just say he's my kind of perfect. Before him all my relationships were hardcore bdsm and bondage etc. Aside from beingbisexual he's as straight and vanilla as they come. He knows a little of my past. The basics. What he doesn't know is how hard it was for meto make that change for him. The kind of cravings and thoughts I have when I have time a lone and just how much I miss it sometimes. I'm too scared to tell him and ask for help, a lot of what I did is just not considered "normal" probably even by the p*** industry. I just feel so lost and confused.

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  • For all you know he is hiding a secret fetish that might scare the h*** out of you, maybe not though. There is only one way to find out so you just got to decide whether to take the risk or not.

  • Most people would act freaked out about those behaviors in group conversations or in public, but you'd be surprised by some of those same people if you knew what was really going on in the privacy of their dwellings.

  • Try talking to him about it... He may not be as "white bread" as you think. There are tons of people in the world who are extreme in many ways. Find someone compatible rather than blowing up someone else's life

    Communication is the key.

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