Turning lesbian

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of about a year. I caught him cheating on me and after we broke up, he admited to cheating on me with "about 40" women. It came as a huge shock because he was always this sweet kind hearted guy. I'm college educated, loving, kind, and never had problems getting male attention. He's about 100 pounds overweight, balding, and constantly unemployed. I loved him, but I also thought he was lucky to have been dating me. Since the breakup, I'm thoroughly disgusted with all men. If this guy, who seemed to be the nicest guy was able to be so hurtful and deceiving, who's to say a guy who is better looking isn't going to pull the same s***? Or worse? I have never been with a woman, nor considered myself remotely bisexual, but I can't ever imagine being in a relationship with a man again.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Get a dog, sweets. thesex is great, they don't cheat and don't talk back. They can't fix anything but neither can most men anymore. Forget the men..just embrace their best friend...repeatedly :)Its not called doggie for nuthin'

  • You don't "turn" lesbian or bi. You are or you aren't. And you sound young - less than 30, which is young. You'll heal and find another guy.

    But your dating of a guy "who was lucky to have you" sounds like ego on your part. And not noticing your guys stepping out with forty other females? That shows being self-centered. Before you can find a man for you, get over yourself.

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