Why cheat? i just dont understand. While the other person is doing everything they can to make you happy while your out cheating. If the person your cheating with makes you happier or treats you better than why not leave your boyfriend/girlfriend for the person your cheating with. It hurts a lot worse to find out youve been betrayed and lied to. I hate people who cheat. Ive been cheated on every relationship ive been in and ive done nothing to deserve it.

Oct 24, 2013

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  • I totally agree with you.
    A lot do not fully realise the hurt that they cause to someone who loves them.
    So as you said if she is not happy do not cheat.
    Go out with the other male who possibly Might stay with just her-or do a little cheating himself.
    What goes around comes around.
    So cheating might be fun at the time.
    But if found out-look at the pain cheaters causes.

  • Do you want to be f*****?

  • Well ive made a few post on here that show the lack of morals I have they are called " Rough ONLY" "Everything cold but my..." "Things I do at work" and today I posted "I need morals". I'm 17 and I might be a s** addict, im very selfish and I had my heart broken awhile back so my compassion for others is non exsistant. Thats why I cheat, and im wrong. I need rehab and I need alot of help. But it sounds like you fall for the same type, if i were you i would try the type of guy you usually ignore.

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