Sexual neglect

My bf and I used to have s** all the time and it was great...even though he played it a little safe. Like he never goes down. Its been 3 years since ive been blessed with it and that was my ex. Now however he rarely ever wants to have s**. He said it's cause we have been having problems and its hard to put them aside. In my mind he's crazy cause as mad as I am at Him I can still get it in! He does really weird things like restrain me when I try to kiss him or block my hands when I try to touch his "manhood" Or even push me out of the bed. He tries to make himself so unattractive by sticking his tongue out and making weird sounds like he's Mentally challenged. The guy even turns down head and I'm not even looking for anything in return. I have been faithful but seriously considering cheating. He swears he's not doing it but I don't know what the h*** it is then. And even if he is cheating which man wouldn't want to get it when he can? And why the h*** is he still here?! Why the h*** am I still here? He doesn't want me to cheat but yet won't fulfill his duties as my man. what the h*** does he think is going to happen?! I'm about ready to call past flames to get a serious sexcapade session. I'm talking some real freak nasty s***. I am in need. My man is slacking. Its pretty much a universal rule that youre not suppose to cheat since a commitment has been made. But what do you do when your partner neglects the unspoken commitment to satisfy your needs? I probably already know the answer. But I love his stupid ass. Don't want to leave him. Just want the passion and intimacy we once had. Cheating might not solve it but I can fake it till I make it. Might put me in a better mood for home life which in turn will make him happier when im not b******* out of sexual frustration. I've heard affairs can sometimes save relationships. Maybe one can save mine too.

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  • Do you wash you vajayjay regular and real good, like tween all them foldy flaps and stuff? Dat could be da problem.

  • Well,if you hook up with me,I will sexually and emotionally satisfy you and it won't be cheating,you will be satisfying your sexual needs and getting what every cute able woman deserves-a good f***.I will suck your p**** and make you have multiple o****** before I even f*** you.Whatever turns you on,I will do...simply because you sound very neglected,a kool woman and you are entitled to good loving-unless black guys don't turn you on:)

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