I'm way too young to start thinking about s**, because I know I want to stay a virgin until the time is right (I'm only 15) But lately I realized I'm bi, and my biggest dream is to lose my virginity in an all-girl orgy, with like 5 other girls where I'm put into submission by them and then I lose my virginity, and then after that we all meet up on occasion and have s**, and it would be super hot with roleplaying too and I can just imagine it. But I honestly shouldn't be thinking this, and it scares me because I feel horrible and like I should go to h***... I just want someone to tell me that its okay if I want that and its okay for me to do that.

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  • Its okay yo think and feel's okay for you to do that. You don't need to over think it.

  • I've been thinking about s** since I was that age. In fact, I actually had a girlfriend at that age, but we didn't wind up going all the way, unfortunately... As long as you're not harming anyone else, obey the law, etc., I don't think anyone or anything's stopping you. The more you hold your feelings in, the more frustrated you will be, and talking from experience, that's not a great feeling and you could wind up unapproachable. If God, or whoever you believe in is really a god or goddess, he/she will forgive you; we're nothing more than human beings. Please don't hesitate to be yourself; don't play phony baloney for anyone! :-)

  • It's perfectly okay to have any fantasy you want. What goes on inside your head is your business and it's not like you're hurting anybody. (Very arousing, BTW.) Just keep in mind that reality always falls a little sort of fantasy. If you want to make this happen (and there's nothing wrong with that as long as everybody's having fun) try not to be disappointed if it turns out a little differently than you expected.

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