Alone at the hotel last night...

Last night, I stayed in a hotel while my wife flew off to another city for a morning appointment. We were going to do the nasty before she left, but it didn't materialize, with all the preparations. That evening, while I was alone in the room, I was getting ready for bed, when I heard a lot of noise. The suite next to us, has an adjoining door which is locked, but evidently their bedroom is right behind that door. Yeah, I could hear them really enjoying themselves, so I pulled off my pants, and laid down by the door to their room, while listening. They were really loud and they (surprisingly) both came at the same time. I jacked off twice while listening to them f****** the daylights out of each other, and really wished my wife had been here for me to f***... Oh God.... then they did it again about an hour later, and I couldn't help myself, but spilled all my c** again, on a kitchen plate, so I could clean it up easily. Hearing people have s** in the next room gets me so h****...

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  • How would you had felt if it had been your wife that had been getting f***** by that other guy ?? Would you have been turned on or angry ??

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