One minute man

Me and my wife live in apartment block and are s** has become very ordinary & boring always same positions and it doesn't take very long, I'm 39 shes 36, last month a new couple moved in next door and we can hear them at night having s** and there bed squeaking her moaning and him shouting when he's c******. It started to get me & my wife h**** when in bed listening to them f****** last night we were listening to them and we started kissing and playing with each other and then I got on top an f***** my wife after that we collapsed in each other's arms and the new couple next door were still going at it and carried on for another 28 mins me and my wife have s** and fore play and done in 10 mins they seem to at it for about 45 mins, wife said to me the other night wish new neighbour could f*** me for that long as you can't seem to do it any more.

Sep 7, 2016

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  • Get some toys and Incorporate them into your love making. That way, intercourse is not the sole focus and you will last a lot longer. I suggest a slim but powerful vibe that will stimulate her while thrusting. Trust me. It works!

  • F***, bad grammar AND bad s** with their significant others. Not good!

  • Me and my wife do share a few fantasies together ! She was only joking in jest as they were still at it and they are probably 25ish in age and I don't thinks she wants anyone else thanks ! Complete failure please and yes we do still love each other v much ! And yes we do need some help rekindling the flame back after so many years married

  • Forget fantisies she wants c*** and u cant provide

  • Ouch. I'm sorry. She shouldn't have said that. She needs to step up and change her attitude if she wants your s** life to improve. It sounds like your both experiencing a crisis of imagination in your marriage. Good luck rekindling the flame.

  • Oops, You're both

  • It sounds like there's no more attraction anymore I mean I know ur a complete failure but wtf has she done either

  • Now that was a put down. It also indicates that she would like permission to play around some. Do you want her to do that? She gave the hint. What is you answer?

  • Do you share any sexual fantasies?

  • Fantises my hole she wants c***

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