Secret black desire

Not sure what to do. I want to have a threesome with a black guy and my husband. I'm afraid to tell my husband. I have had so many thoughts of a huge black ball penetrating me. Can't stop thinking about it. Are there Any wives out there that have had this experience

Mar 9, 2017

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  • Do you have a black man in mind ? A coworker perhaps? Would you want your husband to suck the black c*** and get it hard for you between ejaculations?

  • W****

  • So the big question is. Have you done it ?

  • I'm a mature black woman and I love fat white c***

  • I think you're really asking if anyone knows a 'safe' way to broach this with your husband.

    Am I right?

  • Have you considered the smell? Never met a black man that doesn't reek.

  • Just ask for the threesome and be open to whatever he asks fair is fair

  • I am a guy. I had s** with a black man at university. Really loved it. He was "well endowed" to say the least and I enjoyed giving him oral and swallowing. I loved feeling him inside me too.

  • It is so hot thinking of a white woman with a huge BBC

  • I think you should have a threesome. After you have enjoyed it the first time. Try getting to black men. You will have the best night of your life. Then you'll be addicted and won't be able to stop. O****** are unbelievable

  • I had the same desire and started watching a lot of interracial p*** with my husband until I could finally make it happen. The first time was amazing, the guy we found had a huge c*** and he f***** me for hours. We do it very often now and have included many more black c****

  • Have you done it since ?

  • Yes, I have sexy with black men regularly now. My hubby really loves that I am a bbc s***. Although he doesn't know how many men I f*** but I don't think he would mind

  • I am very interested. Can you give more details about the night?

  • We met up with a guy we were talking to online at a bar. He was great and we didn't waste time going back to our house. Once through the door I pulled out his c*** and went to town on it. My husband watched for a while then I started sucking him and the bbc started f****** me. They switched back and forth several times. He stayed the night and I slept in the spare room with him and f***** him several more times

  • Great story. Let us know when you take on two :-)

  • I have a regular f*** buddy now that I go and see very often. He likes to invite friends so I am no stranger to two or more

  • Do you let them cuminside you

  • Most of the time I do

  • Does your husband lick your c*** when it full of a black man's s****

  • Sometimes I will bring him home cream pies and he needs to clean me up before he can f*** me

  • I'd love my wife to do that for me

  • My husband has erectile problems and he encouraged me to f*** other men, I have had many c**** half of them black. After he watched me with my first black c***, he got his first h****** in two years and f***** me, then I got him to suck the black c*** hard again and got another f***

  • I desire a black hole.

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