In love with a married man and its killing me

I am in love with a married man. I know he feels something for me. We look longingly at each other, he has boldly stared at me numerous times. When we are together we are very nervous around each other because of the sexual tension. He is so cute and playful and flirtatious with me. We really click. I know he feels it too.
I am dying inside right now because he and his wife are alone on a trip without their kids. The thought of the two of them together saying how much they love each other is tearing me up. All I've done for the past few days is cry. I want him to be mine.I am just so sad.
I am hurt and don't know what to expect when he returns to work next week. A part of me wants to be angry and not look at him at all for several days, have zero contact with him.The other part of me wants to continue pursuing him and damn the consequences. I meant it when I said I want him to be mine.
I can't help how I feel about him. My heart wants what my heart wants.

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  • If you want to bang him, just do it. I guarantee he won't say no. Then you can decide from there what kind (if any) relationship you want.

    Women don't seem to understand that a guy (married or not) will definately sleep with you if you are attractive and especially interested. He will not make the first move because he's married - it has to be you.

  • Many times they will sleep with another woman, even if she is not attractive.

  • Get over it.

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