A younger girl ?

Well basically I'm talking to this nice girl, she's pretty, sweet, smart and I like her. The only problem is I'm 16 almost 17 and she's only 15, she's still in school whereas I'm in collage. It also makes it a little worse that she hangs round with my sister who's the same age. I like her and everything but is two years too much younger? I dunno what to do about it so any help would be appreciated.

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  • Oh come! you're so close in age that it doesn't even matter. society has really got your ass conditioned to believe that an age gap is wrong, and this egghead down here with he's dating formula is a joke, nothing but an ancient formula of the passed, probably something great grandparents made up, society needs to live for today and the future instead of dwelling on out of date beliefs of the past, the truth is if two people wanna be together and they feel comfortable in the relationship that's all that matters and it should be no one else's business but the two people involved.

  • You are a 16 year old in college and you can not even spell college? Yea right. Move along troll.

  • That's not quite two years younger than you. The older you get, the less it matters. Plus, you are both underage now so it doesn't matter in legal eyes anyway. Might be tricky if something bad happens in the year or two where one of you is legal and the other is not, though... Idk.

  • There is a 'close in age' exemption in most places. The law is not intended to prevent a 19 year old from being with a 17 year old.

  • Is collage a fancier name for college?

  • The rule is you can date a woman half your age plus 7. So in your case that would be 16 divided by 2 equals 8 plus 7 equals 15 years old. You're good to go.

  • Oh come on, the rule is becoming an obsolete thing of the past, believe me it's dying out with great grand parents, grand parents and parents who created and nurtured that illogical ancient human doctrine... to satisfy their own envious need the repress future generation of the normal and natural essence of human sexuality and relationships, just as they themselves were repressed of their own god give natural human essence....

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