Afraid to pee at my boyfriends

I'm scared to pee at my boyfriends we both turn the water on when we go. I only do this around him because he is uncomfortable hearing it. Its giving me bathroom anxiety . I have no trouble using the bathroom in public or any where else.
Im moving in with him soon, so im really worried about this.
I need some advice.

I have confronted the situation, im way too uncomfortable now to not have the water on, he cant even hear me fart he says it would change his perception of me.

We have a pretty perfect relationship aside from this.

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  • I dated a woman for a few months who was similar. We did well together, the s** was great, but..She could only pee at her place or, as her mom lived nearby to me, her mom's house. Maybe a clean restaurant, but mostly only at home or her mom's house. I'd clean my bathroom like crazy, show her, light candles..Didn't matter. She couldn't pee at my house. It wasn't a clean thing..It as an anxiety thing for her.

  • Its a natural thing to pee-so don't feel troublesome over this.
    A suggestion Is you can put some toilet tissue in the loo first.
    And that will not be heard peeing by your boyfriend.

  • Dump the boyfriend. Or he needs to get over himself. "Change is perception of you" What that you are a robot? I can totally understand that you may not pass gas in front of him..but pee in the bathroom with the door closed? Please..Girls...we pee.. we have bodily functions. Stop compromising yourself for this a******. What does he think is going to happen if you two get married and you have children? What else is he uptight about? What else do you have to compromise about yourself? Does he get upset if he can hear it when you chew your food? This is not "pretty perfect"..he's got some issues.

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