Why I love sleeping with my mother

First of all she is not my blood mother , but she is the only mother I can remember . My real mother was killed when I was less than four years old . She was going to work according to my father , and made a mistake , she pulled in front of a train and it killed her. I really don't remember much at all .

My father for what ever reason met and married my step mother in only about 8 months after my mother was killed. She can not have children and is almost 18 years older than me .

So she raised me and the only mother I have ever known . About a year ago my father was killed by some crazy black man who wanted his truck . According to the sheriff the man was high on drugs , and wanted my father's new Toyota truck . I was so angry to this day I will never have a black friend as long as I live . I have come to hate nigs.

I began sleeping with my mother out of l*** for her. She is still very beautiful and did little to resist me after my father was dead . She did nothing to provoke my advances , It was me who did everything . I wanted her so bad, I open the door while she was taking a shower and got in with her. I pushed and pushed her to have s** with me . For a long time she refused . Then finally she let it happen . I now sleep with her every night and love the s** . She is so clean and beautiful , It took a while and now she loves the s** with me . S** with an older woman is absolutely fantastic and especially if you love her already .

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  • Normally, cheating doesn't appear out of anywhere. If it occurs, it means that something in a relationship is wrong. For many people, it is common to look for a happier connection somewhere else instead of improving their own relationship. In relationships, you need not only to know the signs of cheating but also not to be over-suspicious as it may only erode the trust.I was feeling hurt and neglected,felt so disrespected that i had to employ the service of a cyber genius ''hackingloop6 @ gmail . c o m''who hacked my ex's phone and gave me complete access to all his phone activities.Though i found out he was cheating on me,but my heart was settled. You know your partner better than anyone, so a feeling that something is off often is more important than warning sign check-list. So make sure to follow your gut call.

  • There is stupid a** white people on drugs too not just blacks the whole point is every where you go domba** people are on drugs

  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • I think that you both like it because you both lost something important to you and are using each other to cope with your feelings. Just tell her you can't take advantage of her anymore, because that's what you're both doing. Of course you love her, she's your mother, but she's not your girlfriend.

  • Hey dude no problem if you wanna be a m*** as long as you both want and enjoy it together, but come on man there are good and bad people in every color or race, and it's not reasonable, fair or understanding to have animosity towards all blacks because of a few bad apples in the bunch, not every black man is responsible for the death of you dad, but only you can change your attitude towards brother and sister of color.. that's my two cents man I'm out.

  • Kinda creepy dude... sounds like you may have raped her to me. maybe she likes it "now" but the idea that she ever DIDN'T like it smacks of rape. and the racist stuff.... nope. i don't even know what to say to you about that.

  • To you it is bs , to me it is real , no more relationships with nigs as long as I live

  • I have no use for them either.

  • So you have a problem with black people because a black guy killed your father. Suppose it had been a white guy, would you have a problem with whites? I'm glad you have such a great relationship with your mom but your racist attitude is bullshit.

  • You need a lot of help,there are lots of issues in your life and I wish you well.bm

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