My Wife Had 3 Children Fathered By Other Men And Only We Know

My wife and I married 22 years ago. She was still a virgin and we had never had any sexual contact, so she had no idea I was "undersized". Our marriage quickly turned sour as she was sexually unsatisfied. Long story short, I agreed to her having the occasional affair rather than a divorce. I wasn't super happy about this, but I love her and I would rather she sleep with other men than lose her. She was never able to take birth control because of the hormones which made her sick. Because of this the only form of birth control that she could rely on was condoms and she had agreed to use them. About 4 months into her sleeping with other men I discovered that she wasn't always making them wear condoms. We had a bad fight largely because I was angry that she had lied to me which resulted in her declaring that she wasn't using condoms anymore so that I would never feel lied to again. Not long after that she informed me that she was pregnant. Since we had not had s** in a long time it was obvious it wasn't my child. She was so excited to be pregnant that I couldn't be upset. Over the next 8 years she got pregnant two more times, all by different men. After the third one she got her tubes tied to prevent anymore babies. To this day everyone including our children thinks that I am their father, although it is pretty obvious I am not. I am of Irish origin with pale skin, green eyes and dark auburn hair, two of the children have blonde hair and blue eyes and the third one has brown hair and blue eyes.

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  • Where on earth can I get a fertile non condom using woman/wife like yours? I feel bad for you but,since u ok with it its all good.I wanna knock up a married woman or a white woman bad.

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