Want to die

Over forty years ago I tried to commit suicide when I was sixteen. The pills I took were over-the-counter and ultimately harmless. I was so ignorant regarding what would kill me and what wouldn't, no one even knew I tried.

Not succeeding at suicide, and not having the courage to try again, are the biggest mistakes of my life. I've lived 58 years, and out of that, there aren't 58 days I'd live over again if given a choice. No good memories, No good times. And zero contentment or happiness. Absolutely zero. I'm tired. I'm ashamed to have lived this long. It's ridiculous. People told me things would get better. They were lying b****** and son's of b******. Tonight's the night, I swear. I couldn't face tomorrow if I chicken out again.

Oct 23

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  • I’m afraid this guy is already dead. The problem is Confession Post will take about a couple of days to process every post & update publicly. And this guy said “tonight” as in could be days ago…

  • No he is not! He will be back for more pity replies from you all.

  • Life will get better if you find a ten story building and jump off the top of it! We are sick of hearing the I want to die bull shitt here. Don't write it! Just do it!

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