I'm Having An Affair

I'm the last person in the world anyone would suspect. I'm that cookie baking, motherly type with an air of propriety -- and no one suspects. Everyday I smile. I give sound advice. I do good works.

Once a week a balding, conservatively dressed man strolls in my building. I open the door. We exchange pleasantries. We have s** like animals.

He's married to a very accomplished, highly reserved, quite educated woman. They have two children and live in a beautiful house. They live the American dream.

I live in a tiny apartment with my alcoholic husband. He hasn't attempted to satisfy me sexually in years. My guess is my alcohol content in too low to pique his interest. He acts frisky in public when there is an audience. I play along. I need a place to live.

I met my outwardly vanilla man online to sate my sexual appetite. But the truth is, after five years of "once a weeks", I have grown to love him. I am over the moon for this man. I believe he now loves me, too.

I have no childish illusions. I know he will never leave his wife. It is likely bury my alcoholic husband. He's on the fast track to the cemetery. He has had three heart attacks and four stents. He stubbornly refuses to quit drinking or smoking. It is likely, as much as I love my once-a-weeker, I will move on after I plant my legal spouse. Waiting for my love to leave his wife is unrealistic.

In short I am a cardigan-wearing, husband-borrowing fraud. My heart weeps when I think of ending my relationship with this man. I love him so.

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  • Do you what Adultery means you cheated your self out of heaven,,,,and your going to the fire and burn firevery,,, you said your husband drink....he may go to heaven ,,,,i guess the s** was that good ,,,,,,

  • Watch out, here comes the bible thumper!

  • Don't feel guilty,you have your reason for doing what you do,and your husband has chosen a path to slow suicide.You more or less moved on just waiting for the day to come.I'm sure"Sancho" has feelings for you,after 5years .good luck to you

  • Affairs happen everyday by the thousands , have fun don't get caught . Many reasons for affairs . S** with someone else is exciting and very hot . I see affairs going on all the time , I say nothing , it is none of my business , . Once I lived next door to a couple as soon as her husband left another man pulled up in less than an hour, and screwed his wife for hours, I could see them through the upstairs window . She did that for nearly two years , she liked the fresh hard bog d*** and better face and lips . My first wife cheated but I caught her and divorced her , it was not about s**, it was she loved the excitement . She left the guy right after leaving me and found another , she took the kids with her . women are complex and today they s**** just to s**** , they do not really need an excuse . No one stays true nowadays , men are bastards and women are s****

  • You are so right,that is why I s**** women just to s**** because they think they can.Married women are my specialty

  • The truth is I feel obligated to my alcoholic husband. I'm not sure why. I missed the touch of a man. I missed emotional intimacy. After 2 years of no s** I gave in to desire.

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