Alone on Thanksgiving

Again I'm alone on another holiday. I really hate it. I may tell people who I want to be with but don't live near that I don't mind and I enjoy it but the truth is I hate it. I'm so alone. I lie to people that know me and either say I'm visiting family or that I don't want to drive because of the holiday. If my relatives invited me I would have driven to see them. But I will not embarrass myself by asking them if I could see them. These aren't close family. I have no close family. The only close family I have live in another state. I hate when people complain about dealing with relatives on holidays or complain in general about how stressful it is. If they had any idea how lucky they were they would feel differently. I'm sure they never had to spend a holiday alone. It sucks. I drank half a bottle of vodka last night just to numb the pain then woke up and puked first thing this morning. I hope all of you who wish you didn't have to go see so and so for Thanksgiving stop and think for a minute just how lucky you are.

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  • Try volunteering at a place that serves Thanksgiving dinners on that day. Not only are you contributing something positive you would be alleviating your loneliness as well.

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