What is fun about a slutty wife

My wife is a pure s*** there is not doubt about it . I think I was about number 100 of the men she had been with and she probably had been with each one a dozen times .
There is no doubt she is an expert on s** and having s**. We have been married 3 years and still she is wild , she is a party s*** . She has done it all either experimental , or really enjoyed it . There is no slowing her down and she does not want children yet . We have a couple that we mess around with , she is hot for my friends husband and I truly expected her to eventually have an affair with him ,, because she has no reservations about flirting openly with him . Expected her to cheat on me , we decided to play games and experiment . She did not hesitate to say yes , she was ready to try. She is an expert at sucking c*** and has had all sizes inside her her loose yet c*** . It is a blast to see her go crazy s******* my friend , she makes p*** stars look like children . She is wildly fanatical about hard s** . I never realized it would turn me on so much to see her f*** her brains out and scream with enjoyment . She absolutely loves s** and is so orgasmic . She is the life of the party and orgy . I get hard just watching her bang my friend, gosh she is so much fun and so hot . Being Jealous is not good just let her have a good time , she loves doing many recreational chemicals and is a wild fun loving s*** .

Nov 28, 2013

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  • She has cuckolded you... She can now f*** whoever she wants. I have a ladyfriend just like your wife. Her husband shaves her p**** for me before she and I go out on dates. I sometimes call him to schedule a date with his wife. Sometimes i have him drop her off at my office when i get off of work. She and i go out for a few drinks and go to my house for s**. Then she calls him to come pick her up. He has a 4 1/2 in c*** and knows he is not enough for her. I like having her available when I want s**. It is nice having a friend with benefits relationship with a married woman. You are not the only cuckold out there my friend.

  • What a moronic question! Do you mean aside from being a laughingstock and a dominated eunich? Well let's see what other fun is in store for you. Hummm, there are a plethora of STD's you might get some giggles over.... and then there are your children... if you are man enough to have any. Just think of the example she will set for them. We also live in a internet induced transparent world.... so I am sure this will all pop up later in life to haunt you too. Then there is the laughfest that you will have when your s*** finds that guy that just makes her head swim and she leaves you laying in your own p***. That should be a real hoot huh?

    Like I said, Moronic! Try living fore something bigger than an o*****.

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