I got high and made out with this guy...

Okay well he's not just a random guy. He was originally my 18 yr old sister's friend, but I got to know him though her and he became my acquaintance(He's 17, I'm 16 in 3 months). Well he invited my sister to go get high with him, and she didn't want to, so she said I should go. I don't do drugs, but I thought he was hot, so I went. I ended up trying it and getting a little buzzed, but I acted like I was super stoned, like he was, and I said we should make out, and we did!!! I felt sooo happy and bad ass! (Laugh at me all you want, but I had never kissed a guy before). It was awesome, but I wonder if come Monday he'll even remember...should I bring it up?

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  • Yes. You DO do drugs sweetie. And for a first timer you do use some pretty accurate terms like "and getting a little buzzed, but I acted like I was super stoned".... so cut the bullshit! You are a doper. Therefore ALL your decisions are going to be less than sterling because drugs dictate your world to some degree. The rest of your judgement is completely overruled by your inability to admit the truth to yourself so of course your decisions are going to be completely incorrect.

    Now, I've given you a road map to correct your situation but I will spell it out for your drug addled mind. 1. CLEAN UP AND STOP DOING DRUGS. 2. Be honest with at very least, yourself.

  • Lol, you have to get some guy insanely high in order to kiss you? Haha desperate ugly b****

  • Jealous much? He actually did talk to me on Saturday, and plans to take me out sometime. So lol@u. ((Even if you thought it was desperate, I think "desperate ugly b****" is a little mean/intense.))

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