Pregnant and confused

I am 8 weeks pregnant by my sister's boyfriend. My sister was incarcerated in August and she sent the father of her child to come live with me. Everything was fine until he started flirting, and we both acted on the physical attraction. My sister is still in jail and I am 8 weeks pregnant. I like him and probably fell in love because I have been single for about 3 years. He says he loves me too and wants me to keep the baby. But I don't know how my family will react. I feel scared, alone and confused by all this. I just want everything to go back to normal. I wish this was all a dream.


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  • Great, I have another mouth to feed, I'm about sick up and fed of the lame and lazy. five dollars to a pint of p***, both of these dumb a**** are unemployed, collect welfare, WIC, and Food Stamps. the baby will be born on medicare....and those of us that work have to pay for it all. I hope your sister beats your f****** ass so bad it takes a f****** year or more for you to figure out why. It makes me want to f****** SCREAM!!!!
    God, why in the h*** did you make murder a f****** sin?

  • Sister in jail...check
    Living with said sister's would-be homeless man and child...check.
    Knocked up by the aforementioned loser...check.
    Sister gonna get out of jail eventually...check
    Is she gonna hate your ass...count on it!

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

  • You are a stupid b**** , ever heard of birth Control , what about the idiot that you f***** another dumb ass

  • Unless you are absolutely certain you want THAT particular child, you need to talk to a counselor about an abortion. I'm not telling you that's the answer, but it's certainly AN answer, and you need to consider it. Good luck.

  • Seconded. What's more important, a cute baby [that you may not be able to afford, not knowing your situation financially but knowing that babies are hideously expensive] or keeping a good relationship with your sister? Think very hard about abortion.

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