I am educated. I have a bachelors

I am educated. I have a bachelors degree, am a CPA, and recently graduated with a masters degree in FInance. I earn over $80k per year. I have red hair, and am average build. I sport a gotee. I don't think I am bad looking at all, in fact, I am good enough looking for a decent woman I'd think. Problem is, I am married, but not sure I am with the "right" person. I am 37. Is there any good women out there who'd be interested in me if I were to suddenly become single. I never dated much, and only ever slept with my wife, so while I have had lots of s**, it's been all with the same person. I am looking for a woman's perspective, particularly from "younger" women. Thanks.

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  • Yeh, so what is your problem that you didn't find me then?

  • So all of a sudden you become sucseful and you want to leave your wife? What an asshoel. . .I hate men!!!!!

  • ^^^LMAO!!

  • Hubris, my midlife-crisis-approaching friend, is never an attractive trait.

  • I was thinking of the 25 year old woman that was responding to my posts. I think she sounds really awesome. I like a strong woman who knows what she wants. I like women to be assertive. At what age that is, depends on the woman, but in this case, 25 was young enough....While yes, a younger woman tends to be more "exciting", I do know how to keep a commitment. In other words, I am just fantasizing about a younger woman. I am currently married and as she said, I would not leave my wife for her, at least not until after I divorced my wife.....All I can say is that if I ever hooked up with a younger woman, she would not need a man her age on the side. I'd be all she could handle and would be so spoiled from the maturity and experience level, she'd think she had died and gone to heaven. I am that good.....:)

  • im commenter #10 no im not the same person as the other girl this is the first time i commented on urs sorry if i offened u i was just wondering :) . i have a bf myself whos three years younger than me but like him cuz hes a wonderful guy.

  • Sarcastic a****** d*********, at any point did I make a general statement? No I said that I would not take you serious and yes older men marry younger women all the time as you say and that young woman in most cases is with them for 1 thing and 1 thing only $$ and I bet that she usually has a younger man on the side.

  • can i ask why u want a younger women and how young r u thinking?

  • Wow, aren't you articulate. You evidently overlooked the simple comment I made (go figure) about "IF I BECAME SINGLE". You're right about one thing, I am too old for you, and too smart. But, for every woman like you, there'll be another (25 year old) who WOULD take me serious. In case you've lived in a cave your whole 25 years, men marry younger women every day. That, young lady, is fact:)

  • Dude I wouldn't take you serious bc you are close to 40 I can subtract just fine. The fact is that girls my age would not take a married man serious bc we know that you would never leave your wife for us. Get a grip d********* leave your wife and spare her the pain of being with a j*** like you.

  • Why would the poster above not take "someone your age" serious? Did I tell a joke or something? In case you can't add or subtract, 12 years is not that much difference in age...

  • I agree with the poster above, do you really think an early 20 something would want yo for more than your money? Seriously if you are having these thoughts leave your wife and do what you want to do, but don't hurt her bc of your selfish needs. You say you want advice from younger women? Well I'm 25 and I would never be with a married man, nor would I take someone your age serious.

  • Also, younger women will f*** you and ditch you for someone their age. Which is what you deserve, so perhaps you should do it.

  • It's obvious that you're restless and don't understand the concept of quality over quantity, which is unfortuante for an MBA. I say set your wife free to find a man who may not be rich but knows a good deal when he sees one and values it.

  • lose the goatee.

  • the fact that you specify that you're looking for perspectives from "younger" women cements the fact that you're an a****** just looking to get laid by more exciting females.

    i disagree that you should stick with your wife though. maybe you should tell her how you feel so that she can have the chance to do away with you before you go out and cheat on her. let her be free to pursue more meaningful relationships while you are off trying to get your d*** wet.

  • Don't be an a****** and stick with your wife, s*******.

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