Doing a deed to help my daughter

Women I know had a car for sale, my daughter needed for school. She told me I could pay her some, do some work, and do her several times. I agreed and she has the car. I finished the work, but not finished with her for a year.
I arrived today got undressed and watched her get ready. She laid back and lubed her self up, lubed me up and helped get me ready. She had warmed her self up before I got there, so we went right into s**. Its a strange view looking at a woman that old. Hearing her moans and groans. I some time wonder if she is hurting or having pleasure. If she dies will I be charged with murder? I feel like a w**** when I get there and worse when I leave.


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  • Honestly, if it doesn't feel right to you, you probably shouldn't do it. I'm sure that you wouldn't be charged with a crime if she died. It couldn't hurt to get her to write something to you that acknowledges you had a consensual affair. Something simple, like a love note or such. She doesn't have to know what it's for.

  • For a car tho...?


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