To the women readers...... How does

To the women readers......

How does a woman react when she has an o*****? What do you do when you o*****? What are the physical signs of a womans o*****? Do you squirt? Do you curl your toes? What position do find works best for you? Does your man satisfy you by himself, or do you stimulate your c*** during s** to assist in o*****? Do you o***** every time you have s**? Are you affected by "the time of the month" it is in your cycle? What turns you on most during s**? What turns you off?

I appreciate all serious responses. I am a man, who is married and trying to better understand my sexual relationship with my wife. Thanks.

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  • Look up tantric s**, it's mind blowing if done just right.

  • I know what u mean, does anyone know how to achieve an even stronger o*****?

  • Thank you for that response immediately above. I always thought the faster, in & out strokes would make a woman c**. I have found that not true with my wife. She is like you. She prefers I push all 7 inches of my c*** into her, real deep, and then hard, but very short strokes. That continuous stimulation seems to make it work for her, and she usually moans as she's peaking. I often wonder if it's an o*****, but I know she is really enjoying it, because I make sure I do for her first, and that is whatever makes her feel good. I can feel good by just penetrating her, so it makes no diff to me. As long as she feels real good, then so do I:) I try to time my e********** to occur at the very same moment she is climaxing. It's exhilerating!

  • I only fake with the guys that came close. I feel bad when they get so close to making me c** and then it doesn't happen. When they aren't even close, I don't bother faking.
    For me I o***** more easily with little movement and alot of concentration. The more I get tossed around the less likely it will happen. I come when I'm barely moving, and then I get the shivers. Sometimes my body turns red like a rash or skin flush, and I'll become extremely wet about a minute afterwards. Ok those are my signs.

  • women that fake o***** "train" their partners incorrectly. it's like rewarding a dog when it's whimpering. you're only reinforcing an action that isn't working. the only consistent thing i've ever noticed with women and o******, is that if they have one (and you believe that they weren't lying) afterwards, they usually have a look on their face of confusion. it's a very intense, confusing feeling. they look at you like, "huh?"

  • To the poster, most women can't c** through intercourse. Most women are enjoying the s** but faking the o*****. Sorry, don't wanna traumatize you, but it's the unspoken truth.

  • its probably not the answer you were looking for but it is the best one

  • i second that. i get turned on when my boyfriend asks me what I like and what i want cuz then i know that sometimes when we have s** all he wants to do is please me. (keyword: sometimes because other times its the other way around and i love it ; )

  • The first way to better understand your wife is ask HER all of these questions. Not other women. Every woman's body is different.. And if you want to please your wife, asking her is the better bet.

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