I've been lying

Dear H,
You broke my heart when you cheated on me with HER. I pretended not to care. And I married him to prove to you that I didn't give a rat's ass about you anymore. And now that your dad has died and you found out that she has an inoperable tumor...I can't help but feel glad. I did everything to please you. And you stabbed me in the back. So now you're getting what you deserved you horrible, fat, worthless, j******. I keep telling you that I'm your friend and that I'm so sorry for all the bad things that have happened to you. But it's all a lie. I'm just waiting until she dies, so that you will know the pain you have caused me and so many others before me.

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  • He cheating and now his significant other is dying you sadistic pessimistic low, self centered b**** you're hilarious.

  • Right on my ninja. that b**** deserves to die, his father? Yes please kill them both! B**** should of stepped off when she had the chance now she's paying for her slutty ways

  • You are a b****!

    Marrying someone just to make him jealous??? How miserable can anyone get???

  • That's disgusting. To be glad that his father died and wait for 'her' to die and be glad that it hurt him AND lie. . . You are worse than him.

  • my dad died last night and my wife had an inoperabke tumor... yah... HAD! Shes dead! thanks! your sooooo nice!

  • Immature, bitter, little rat.

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