Corporal punishment at office

I (male, 39) work in a small software company in Eastern Europe. We are a team of 7 people - 3 males and 4 females. Our boss is female, 35 years old.

Yesterday I was caught by her making s** chat with a girl on my business computer through working time. We have a lot of work and we are expected to work hard. This is my third offence of this kind for past year. The first time I was just warned. The second time I was fined half of my monthly salary. This time my boss gave me a choice - to be fired immediately or endure very painful and humiliating corporal punishment. It should be borne in mind that unemployment in our country is extremely high. If I get fired, it is almost impossible to find a job soon, especially well paid. A further complication is that we pay expensive mortgage for our home. If I stay out of work, I expose to a huge risk the whole family - my wife and our two kids.

I discussed things with my wife and she thinks that I should be subjected to the punishment and not lose my job.

My boss wants my punishment to be determined by a vote of options offered by her. My punishment will be applied as soon as the number of votes reaches 100. You can find the poll here:

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  • That ain't shat. Whar I werk under the table thay got this think call the rack. U scew up and thay strips you in it and streth yur ass out untill you pass the h*** out. We dont scew up much thar.

  • Grow-up loser

  • Why stop at Corporal Punishment? They should go Major General Punishment on you. Hot coals to the eyes always does the trick. Easily one of the best attitude adjusters ever.

  • At the very least, you should get a public flogging. Or, they could make you sit in one of those old time stocks and toss office refuse at you. If those options are too tame for the powers that be where you work, maybe some time in an Iron Maiden would appease them. Last, but not least, perhaps they could borrow from the Yakuza tradition and order you to cut off one of your fingers for penance. I kinda like that one.

  • All those people calling this fake are either turds or they haven't lived. Pay them no mind. They are brainless little people who don't matter.

  • Wow, so fake it reeks of bs.

  • Can't you do anything better with your time than making s*** up?

  • Sorry. It was a slow day at work and I got kinda bored.

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