Ok so I think I deserve punishment for everything I do and have done. I got iss for skipping and my parents don’t know. I curse people out all the time in class too. I’m abt to be failing all my classes. Apparently I argue all the mf time with my parents and idk a lot of other s***. I should probs be spanked but I have too do it myself so could y’all tell me how and how much I deserve also if any other punishment u think I deserve I’ll do - I’m 13



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  • Lots off people are batards here and i was punished too much and my moms a c***

  • ? how old are you..

  • I am 12

  • I am a big sissy man and I need to be spanked on my bare sissy bottom and told how disgusting I am. Please spank me till I cry sissy tears.

  • My moms a c*** and spanks me

  • Little brat.

  • Typical brat of the day.

  • Your the brat kk so f you

  • Whatever, little ret@rd. Try engaging what few functional brain cells you have before addressing someone older and smarter than you, which is pretty much everyone.

  • Wow yhat little one nerf's a bare bum spanking.

  • I wouldvtann thevarse off her rite now....

  • A******

  • F off you

  • Naughtie girl

  • Let me do it

  • Would let you if you were friend/relative. l do spank them naked sometime's.

  • I use spanking on our children...

  • Naked?

  • Like too chat...

  • ? have you talked with your parent's yet sweetie..

  • Let me punish you.....

  • Go straight too your paren"ts and bare your bottom

  • ? you boy or girl..

  • I get spanked and I am F 10

  • Lets chat...

  • Poor baby girl.? who spanks you sweetie. last time you were spanked and what did you do that was naughtie huggs.

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